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Terra Luna
Terra LUNA

Terra (LUNA) is a cryptocurrency with one of the highest marketcap in the crypto space. That means that more people have invested into it. The current marketcap is close to $30 Billion dollars.

LUNA market statistics

LUNA market stats

Current investment ranking of Terra (LUNA) is #7 which makes it a top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in with over 10,000 viable options available. Present trading volume for LUNA surpasses $1 Billion every day.


LUNA returns

If we look at LUNA’s returns over 2 years. They have surpassed 17,000%

That means that $1000 invested in LUNA on August, 2020 would be worth $1,71,000 today.

That makes LUNA one of the top cryptocurrency to invest in today

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Price trends search engine for cryptocurrencies

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Price trends search engine for cryptocurrencies

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