How this Altcoin showed 100% returns in an year

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Dogecoin showed returns of more than 100% in a year’s time. It was about $0.00324 in june, 2020 while now being stable at $0.32. It also reached an all time high of $0.74 in May this year,

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Before the great crypto market crash that happened last month. Many have been attributing the crash to Elon musk’s concern over impact of Bitcoin mining on the climate.

Previously, Elon musk agreed to accept Bitcoin as payment for Tesla, shooting the whole cryptocurrency market to the roof.

Elon has also been promoting Dogecoin as the people’s crypto which resulted in Dogecoin’s marketcap rising 12,364%

This also resulted in many Dogecoin millionaires who are just regular people who got in Doge early and had massive gains, while Doge became one of the most searched coin on google. Surpassing even Bitcoin related searches in may, which is the most popular and oldest cryptocurrency.

Google trends searches for Bitcoin vs Dogecoin

This minted out many new millionaires like Glauber Contessoto

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