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2 min readMar 18, 2022


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What separates the rich from the wealthy is great investments. period

That is why you see millionaires and biliionaires looking for great ideas to invest in. It is the easiest form of passive income. But is it only for people with large stash of cash? No

You can find great cryptocurrency projects to invest in and make huge returns in a short period of time

The best part is that you can start as little as $1 and go from there. But the recommended starting point is at least $500 and learn along the way

  1. Sort for best performing cryptocurrencies on coinranking.com
  2. Look for currencies that are showing positive returns at least 5 days in a week
  3. Invest in those currencies (Search for their real time price on everycoinprice.com)
  4. Short (Sell quickly within a short period (<15 days) and take positive returns (hopefully, if you do things right)
  5. Now your $500 should become $600
  6. Similarly take some time, you won’t make profits everytime. You would lose few times as well. But, your goal should be convert your $500 to $1000 within 3 months.
  7. Once you’re there, you could take larger and long term investments, once you identify the best ones to invest in
  8. Look and compare prices of most cryptocurrencies here

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