Broader sense of governments

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There is something about communication that changes things. There is also the role of technology that accelerates this change

Like 500 years ago we all lived separated lives. Not being able to move farther than 2–5 km in our whole lifetime. But then technology advanced. We had better forms of transportation and communication accelerating this change.

Almost 100 years ago we started forming governments. Started moving beyond our cities. Now a central government manages lands which are separated by waters or mountain ranges.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

But the internet changes this forever. It could help people from any part of the world communicate with any person from anywhere. This has been a revolution but now with the advent of cryptocurrency. This goes to next level. As like how foundation of governments has been printing and managing paper currency. This used to be the base of economies. Not anymore, With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have started to grow in acceptance and Billions of dollars of crypto trade happening each day. It could be clearly said that now we have currencies that are beyond borders. The first question that most people think of when they fully understand this is whether this would replace our present governments and we all would unintentionally form a new form of global governments based on these now crypto currencies. Maybe? No one has a clear answer to this as of now.

Elon musk, a multi billionaire seems to have the same level of thinking as we just read here. He has been talking about humans being a multi-planetary species from a long time. He has been trying to send humans to mars through his space company, SpaceX. and have been promoting Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency with a meme dog as its symbol

Elon musk tweets on dogecoin

So, yes, we arenot the only humans that believe that cryptocurrency could be a inter-planetary way of handling value. When humans could identify themselves from being from planet earth, instead of just their cities or countries. Yes, that day might not be far away or all of this might never happen and this could be based on pure speculation. Only time will tell.

I will leave you all with a video of interstellar movie until then, to have a peek at what the future might HODL. Enjoy!



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