Assets vs Liabilities and investments

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In Robert kiyosaki’s famous book ‘rich dad poor dad’ he identifies that all our expenses in life could be categorized into either assets or liabilities. But there is more to the story than just that and that is investments. You can lose money over time if you spend your money on things that lose their value over time like cars

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while if you spend on money of assets that are things that gain value over time like properties and lands, you gain money over time

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This is a simple phenomenon that changes lives but what about investment opportunity that make you money and more than ten times your money in just 5–10 years. That’s where cryptocurrencies comes into picture. We have seen cryptocurrencies that have given returns of +100% in just an year. Forget about them and learn about Bitcoin instead that has returned its investors +22,000% in 5 years time. that means your money could become 22 times its original value if you had invested in early. All investments decisions should be your own and this is in no way financial advice. But, more than that it is an article explaining what has happened in the past when people make smart investment decisions with their money they earn in their 9–5 work hours.

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Above screenshot is the 5 years returns of Bitcoin taken from everycoinprice. You can see Bitcoin was close to $2500 in 2017 and is swinging between $45k-$65k now for 1 coin.

This is just a brief about what you can do with your money to help you live a financial independent life in the coming years. This is what’s possible and the future looks hopeful. Thanks for reading!



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